Krystina’s Message

Dear Amanda,

This project began on sort of a whim, and I’m sure Lizzy (my co-captain and mental savior in this project) will admit, too, that we’ve never done something like this before. The number of people that responded to this and other projects like it for you will hopefully show you that this fandom isn’t full of hate. Most of it is filled with kind, awesome people that are more than happy to have you on board as part of the Sherlock cast. It’s always the meanest people that are the loudest, unfortunately. The good news is that they make up a very, very small portion of what is overall a great group of people.

What’s been said to you is straight-up harassment and bullying, and I wish people knew better than to act in that way. I could go on and on about how amazing I think you are (and I do!), but I’ll let the messages here speak for themselves. 

Lizzy and I hope that this project makes you smile, and that you always remember to keep your head up despite any negative comments, because you have a massive support system cheering you on. 


Lizzy’s Message


As a co-moderator of this blog, of course I wanted to write a note for you to go along with the vast amount of ones already on here. When Krystina came up with the idea for this, I immediately agreed to help with it because you are, by far, on e of my favorite actresses.

There is not one good reason for you to deserve any sort of hate or threat. I think that not only because I believe you’re one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever seen (You’re so sweet to your fans!), but because you’re human. No one deserves hate, for any reason. I’m appalled by some of the things that have been said to you, but I hope this blog gives you even a glimpse at how much people love and care about you.

I also hope that this blog can be a pick-me-up option when you’re having a bad day or feeling down. Krystina and I really are huge fans of yours and hopefully this blog will bring even a little smile to your face! :)

<3 Lizzy

I hope I haven&#8217;t submitted this already- &#8230; I can&#8217;t remember it, so~ :) &lt;3 Amanda! SHE&#8217;S SO AWESOOOOOOME 8D

I hope I haven’t submitted this already- … I can’t remember it, so~ :)

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I support Amanda!!!! Greetings from México owo

I support Amanda!!!! Greetings from México owo

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Love and respect from Denmark.


Love and respect from Denmark.

For Amanda !

Love and support from Woodstock, GA, USA !!!

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sapublique asked:"Hi! This project is so nice of you, girls! I heard about this hating thing on Amanda, but I don't really know what happenned... Can you tell me why did Amanda recieved hate? What kind of hate did she recieved? Was it send to her via twitter or something like this? I think it's terrible, she doesn't deserve it at all. So, your project consist of doing a scrapbook and sending it to Amanda Abbington? That's a wonderful idea."

Last year, Amanda received a lot of hate via Twitter, including death threats, because she defended Steven Moffat. It basically drove her off Twitter for a good while. She’s recently returned, and is now receiving hate again for playing Mary Morstan on Sherlock. 

So, yes! We’ve decided to try to show Amanda that the vast majority of the Sherlock fandom aren’t nasty asshats and give her a tangible symbol of our support for her. :)

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Loads of lovely support from Germany xxx can&#8217;t wait for S3!

Loads of lovely support from Germany xxx can’t wait for S3!

Sweet Amanda

Sweet sweet Amanda, We love you!!!! we love you for who you are, do not listen to those bad fans who attack you. Greetings from Mexico <3

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Dear Amanda,

I have just learned of the unfortunate and (to say the very minimum) distasteful comments that were geared towards you. I would like to tell you as not only a fan of Sherlock, but also just as a simple human being, that I am deeply sorry. I know you are not phased by them, as you are a strong, passionate woman who would never let something so petty affect her, but no one should have to deal with such matters and you are absolutely no exception. Although I have not had the pleasure of being familiar with your work, I plan to remedy that as soon as possible- I have heard nothing but lovely things about you and your work and there is no reason for me to believe otherwise; I am sure I will be a super-fan of you in no time. I am so elated to see you as Mary in series three. When I heard that you were cast I knew there couldn’t have been a better way to have the show carry on. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family in the future and I hope to see your beautiful face on my t.v. screen as Mary soon. You are absolutely wonderful.

Sincerely, with love,

Isa from the U.S.

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